Signs draw attention, communicate a message and compete with the environment around them.

A sign is seen within the context of other structures, landscape, interior environments and public spaces. Signs must be visible for people to clearly see and identify, at a direct line of sight.

Way finding and orientation signage:
Good enabling dementia signage can have a significant benefit for people living with dementia, by supporting independence, confidence and wellbeing.

Features of a signage-

  • Clear, easily visible, with good colour contrast
  • Easily recognised symbols
  • Lead people on a pathway to their destination
  • Should not be surrounded by other signs and information

Here are 15 apt examples of good Signages:

1. Green Signage

2. Directional Signage

3. Figurative Signage

4. Backlit Signage

5. Gold finish Signage

6. Perforated Signage

7. Abstract Signage

8. Alphabetical Signage

9. Metal Signage

10. Embossed Signage

11. Wooden Signage

12. Acrylic Signage

13. Funky UV printed Signage

14. Mirror Signage

15. Steel signage

Sign design:
The size of the sign and letters will be affected by how far the sign is from the viewer. It will also vary to the intended viewer, and the placement within the environment . A sign needs to be readable and convey its message clearly, indicating way finding, identifying areas, items and places.

Colour and contrast:
Colours and contrast are an important part of signage. Most signs include words and objects that are a different colour than the background. This contrast affects the readability of the sign. It’s important to use a colour contrasting to the environment, on the background of the sign. The letters need to contrast with the background colour.

Maximum visibility signage:

  • Use bright primary contrasting colours
  • It is understood that yellow is the last colour on the spectrum that a person loses.
  • Clear, easily recognisable picture reinforces the location
  • Simple wording: Arial typeface


  • Many older people tend to look downwards. It is recommended signs are lower than normal.
  • Direct line of sight, centred, 1.4m from floor.

Go ahead, and design the most attractive Signages and create interest even around the most boring spaces.