‘First impression is the last impression’ — often we are told that the opinion we form about someone or something in the beginning lasts forever. And what creates this initial impression? Appearance and the outward look, right? The same is applicable in the case of houses as well.

When someone visits your home, the first thing he or she notices is the facade. It reflects your personality and sense of style. Therefore, homeowners put in a lot of effort when it comes to designing this foremost contact point between the exterior and the personal living area. These elements can include the paint, driveway, lawn, and entrance.

A beautiful facade forms a crucial part when you buy or sell a property and even plays an important role about how you feel about your home. So today, we will outline 13 different types of facades that you can have for your house. Scroll down and be impressed!

Themed facade


It indeed looks striking when you combine your facade with a theme. There are various options to choose your themes from — contemporary, heritage, minimalist, Victorian, or industrial. You can even highlight period details with differently toned paint.

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Textured facade


Locally sourced materials such as stones can be used to build a creative textured facade for your exterior. If you match the tone with your surroundings, then it would seem as if your house is almost part of that landscape.

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Glass facade


A modern touch to your house becomes more prominent when you use tinted glass for your walls. Transparent glass in combination with wood for your windows and grills gives a contemporary look. The structure is also strong and hence makes for a perfect choice.

You can check this link for 3D models of glass house design ideas:

Colourful facade

You can play around with different shades to highlight certain aspects of your facade. Use Minimalistic colours to make heritage details pop out and give a grand appeal. Juxtaposition of surfaces such as brightly coloured render, modular glass panels, ceramic tiles, and cladding allows you to experiment with a wide range of design ideas

Metallic facade


An exterior that combines industrial elements such as wood, cement, and metal is a popular facade idea today. Be it aluminum venetian blinds or stainless steel cladding, these sustainable structures render a dynamic look to your house.

Laser-cut facade

Recently, laser cutting is being frequently used in the real estate industry. The final product is a facade with intricate patterns that feature perforations. This allows light to enter the interior spaces while ensuring privacy for the inhabitants.

Here is a video that details how laser cutting is done.

Wooden facade


Wood is one of the oldest external facade materials for homes. This extremely versatile, natural-looking material — such as cedar, pine, timber, spruce, or redwood — adds charm to your house. You can use wood in its original colour or customise it by adding profiles and shades. Profiles can include board and batten,  shingles, clapboards, wooden sheets, vertical boards, and logs.

Vinyl facade


This synthetic material requires minimal maintenance, is versatile, durable, and inexpensive.  You can use vinyl facades in various colours and forms such as shakes, vertical panels, shingles, horizontal panels, fish scales, beaded designs, and lap. You can style it to resemble other materials such as wood.

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Brick facade


Brick is another popular material used for facades due to its classic looks. Not only is it durable but it also adds a mix of rustic charm and elegance to any construction. Facing bricks are one of the most attractive architectural materials used in facades. Each of these elements can be used to perfectly design any building — ranging from single-family homes to multi-storey office buildings.

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Fiber cement facade


Fiber cement is another man-made material that combines a mix of wood fibers, sand, and cement. If you want something that looks like wood but is cheaper, durable, and easy to maintain, then fiber cement is the most viable option. You can design it in almost any color or design you want. Moreover, you can find it in lifelike textures such as imitation brick or stone.

Stucco facade


Stucco — a mixture of cement, lime, or sand — can also be made using different combinations. You can layer this mix around the exterior of your house and can use it to give different shapes and textures — to produce different architectural styles.

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Insulated facade


Insulated siding is in fact an improvement over vinyl. It has almost the same features but includes a special insulating layer made from expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). The EPS can be fused on the backside of the vinyl. This leads to a tighter fit between the facade material and your home.

Concrete facade


Concrete — a mixture of cement, gravel, sand and water — is again one of the most popular materials to create a durable home facade. It is solid, strong, and resilient. Architects love this material because in its liquefied state, concrete is used to create several patterns. You can decide on finishes that can help define the core character of your building.

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