Elevation designs of commercial buildings have grown from strength to strength in recent times. Everywhere you look, the most innovative of designs strike your eye. The commercial buildings of today have taken architecture to a different height altogether.

Not only has technology played a huge part in this but it’s also the impact of the many amazing ideas of elevations which people come up with. Whether it is their intricate detailing using a blend of several architectural elements or simply a design that personifies the innate characteristic of the concept you are aiming for elevation ideas are a rage among all personnel in the architectural sphere. It is a true testimony of the world we live in today.

Often it becomes tricky to mix and match the various designs, elements and hues while structuring a building but that can be sorted. If you are an architect or a builder or a project manager looking for innovative elevation ideas for commercial complex or buildings, then we have just the thing for you. Let us look at a few of the best and unique concepts prevalent all around the world which could form the outlook of your next commercial complex.

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The Two Rectangles

The dynamic look of this elevation is perfect for a hotel, but it could also go brilliantly for building made for a casino, restaurant, club, lounge, resort, etc. The premium glass finish in the front adds to the charisma of this building which already has a simple yet stunning looking facade.

The European Craft

The street-side look of this artistic elevation has put it through to our list. The beauty of it is related to the fact that it has used both modern and traditional forms of architecture to present us with a genuine masterpiece. This design looks quite good for a law firm, but it can also blend with a restaurant, cafe, bar, lounge, art gallery, bakery, library, etc. 

The D-Shaped Hexagon

The facade of this elevation is enough to justify why it has made this list. The amazing look of the building can stand tall with pride if you put in any location. This design will suit really well for a office complex, but it could also look great for a lavish hotel. The look is not classy, but also give out a premium feel.

The Inverted Trapezium

This extraordinary design has been molded in the most simple way possible, but yet its facade looks really attractive. The addition of lights on the edge gives it a dashing look even though the height of the building isn’t really that much. This elevation design could be something you can pitch while building a shopping mall, hospital, office complex, hotel etc.

The Glass Facade

This elevation takes really little of an area for making the front view of the building but utilizes it completely to make a tremendous design.  The glass in the front makes the building look luxurious and top-notch. This design could do well for any particular commercial building such as Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs etc, you name it and it makes your investment worth it. 

The Glass and Class

Imagine walking into an office like this every day? What a delight it could be. The fantastic work of art and top-notch glass could make this elevation stand out among hundreds. A shopping mall, luxury hotel, casino etc could look tremendous if it has this design on the front. The wonderful architectural work on this makes it look minimalistic yet elegant.

Association Of Cuboids

This one is a bit unique and well-planned. To get an idea of designing something like this is not commendable but also well-thought about. For an high-tech office space, this could be a perfect one. It can be blend with a five-star hotel elevation as it gives a elite vibe to you from the outlook.

The Tall Rectangle

This design comes from the middle-eastern country of Iran and has a look which could impress architects all across the globe. The amount of glass used in the facade is minimal making it not look too commercial which could be ideal if you are planning for a hospital or simple office complex.

The Unparallel Glass

The similarities between some of these buildings are overwhelming but we couldn’t help but add this to the list as well. Simply facade and design on the edges of this elevation make it look stunning. The refined look is quite pleasing to the eye and as an architect would tell you, “Esto es una pieza de arte” (which is Spanish for ‘this is a piece of art’).

Unequal Rectangles

This designer of this elevation has used the black facade as a staircase we assume but kept it simple by adding really creativity. The fact that with only that much amount of creativity, he/she was able to create something this beautiful, is incredible.

The Mesmerizing Stripped Facade

This one is probably ideal for any sort of high-tech company office, but a hotelier would be really happy to use this design. This is a something has been put into work directly from a piece of white sheet. The minimalistic approach and the elegant outcome baffle you when you take a look at this building for the first time.

Still Windowpane

Well, don’t mislead yourself into believing that the taller building is attached to the one in the front. Just by using one small design, the architect has created this facade which looks undoubtedly gorgeous. The essence of the building is strong and the entrance adds a fine touch to the overall facade.

Now that we have finished our list, we hope you have already got a pile of ideas for commercial building elevations to choose from. Maybe you can take one from here as an inspiration add in your little creativity to produce a gem of a building.