In today’s time, there is a lot of attention to detail given when it comes to the exterior architecture of your house. People tend to go all out in their expenditure to express their style into the design of their house and why not? You should openly bring out your inner fantasy and realise your expectation through your house. Express your taste and style with the best pieces of art and creativity. You can’t ignore that a dashing and well-designed house is awe-inspiring.

The exterior architecture of the house is something which remains in the immediate sight of everyone. So, it is essential that you get the right look for the architecture of your house. But it is just not about the looks alone when it comes to building a house, it is essential that you sketch a structure and plan a concept in your mind before you even begin to work on it. If you are an architect looking for ideas or maybe someone who is planning to build a new house, you have landed in just the right place.

Here is listing 12 unique ideas of elevations with their corresponding images which should impress you like no other and apprise you of the heights that modern architecture has reached.

The One with the Elegant Entrance

This is that sort of a house design which people might confuse with a beautiful banquet hall. Not only does the added roof in front, a home for the staircase, but it adds to the overall aesthetic feel of this elevation. The entrance of any structure should be given a lot of thought, after all, it is the first thing that visitors see.

Three Cube Design

This unique take on building a home defines what modern designing is.In an attempt to keep it simple, this design not only makes the building look refined but gives it a classic look. This is what a modern mini-palace would look like from outside.

The Building with the drapes

This multi-story house elevation looks extravagantly outstanding. The drape like wooden concept is giving it a warm and artistic touch to the whole design. This entire design is extremely beautiful and highly in style. The building with the drapes is an un-conventional form of design that is bound to mesmerize anyone who lays their eyes on it.

V-Shaped Roof

This is a unique take on the structural design which has made this house look so wonderful. The comforting vibe from outside welcomes you, and the top structure is a complete masterpiece. The hanging roofs on the top of the garage will never make one miss a terrace. The attractive looking elevation is probably one of the best among-st the lot. The V-shaped roof will invite praises from all your guests and give you a sense of inner satisfaction.

The Giant Rectangle

The usage of glass is quite subtle in this design which changes the overall outlook of the building. This entire design is soothing to the eye also due to its structural balance and a straight design. This architectural masterpiece is a lesser common design and will standout amongst all other conventional designs.

The Glass Design on the slope

This design is molded in a way that it could be built on a slope, making it all the more special. Not only, does it have the brilliance of an ordinary house but also uses the fact that it is built on a slope, to a great effect by utilizing the area into creating a lovely sloppy garden. It gives a rather modern look to a building with its sleek glass design.

The Two-Chambered Design

This design probably answers to question “Can a design be simple but yet classy and unique?”. This two storey building design could become a popular choice as this is a visual delight, with the house looking spectacular. It is one of the most opted designs.

Square and Rectangle Facade

From the outside of this building, you can guess why is on our list. This beautiful design has the perfect balance of elegance and perfection. With its minimalistic and mysterious appeal, this design will stand tall in front of your peers, when you invite them over.

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The Three-Storey Spectacle

This house has been beautifully designed in a way that the interior is as inconspicuous as it seems with an intricate styling that is as visible as it is not. The teasing usage of glass makes this design appear all the more appealing to the eye. Given the right planning,this design can be made into a wonderful home which will surely make your neighbors envious.

The Expensive Cabin

At some point in time in your childhood, you would have wanted to live on a wooden cabin house. Well, say no more, as this design recreates that dream with a never seen before look. The design on the top of the structure adds to the final outlook and makes it look more artistic.

The four quadrilaterals

This is kind of a design which people passing by will stop by to stand and admire it keenly. This beautiful piece of art design is mixed with two different types of residential structures. It is forming a unique pattern in a very creative manner imposing a modernistic charm to the house. 

The yellow facade

Oh! The yellow on this one. This entire design is not the only flunky, but also just a brilliant structural idea to look at. Using the front space in the elevation, the designer has added a little drama in his design. The yellow pattern is expressing the owner’s/designer’s personal style and making it uniquely appealing. 

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