Door: a hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle, or in the framework of a cupboard.

Ever wondered how a beautiful door can create a long lasting impact? Not just your guests, but you seeing & using it everyday will get in all the good vibes of getting back home after a hard day at work. Hence, choosing the right mechanism, design and material for your door for various spaces of your home becomes crucial & important.

Here’s a list of 11 types of doors based on their functionality, that can be designed in various ways to suit your decor.

1. Hinged Door

They are most commonly used as Main doors or security doors. With space crunch, and development that came in, the spans of the doors reduced, such that the double shutter doors started being replaced with single shutter doors for all spaces including bedrooms & bathrooms. These doors are naturally supported by hinges and have a one way swing. The traditional batten doors are now replaced with glass, stainless steel, mild steel, wood, pvc, acrylic, etc based on their functional requirements.

One may use a single shutter composite door made of wood & glass to control visibility. Another may use steel jali patterns with wood to enhance the aesthetics. Double shutter glass doors are also widely used in public spaces like malls, office complexes, etc to maximize visibility. Generally, it can be customized to suit specific site conditions, where you may or may not follow symmetry in design.

2. Sliding Door

These doors are ideal for sites where there is insufficient depth for a protruding hinged door. It can be customized to fit wide openings. It can be automated or manual.

Here, the only constraint is that, you will need an additional wall space parallel to the door for it to slide through. They are also used to divide huge spaces without blocking the visibility. Example, they are used in luxury hotels to maximize views from bedroom balconies.

They could be made using 2 shutters, 3 shutters or more. They could also be a combination of sliding & folding door. 


3. Folding Door

Folding door is used in situations where there isn’t sufficient space for swing of traditional hinged door. Here the folding mechanism offers an ideal solution for larger openings. These doors are an extension of hinged mechanism where multiple panels are hinged together to act as a single shutter. They usually follow symmetry.

They are popularly used to alter the spacious qualities of huge areas. They are also occasionally used as free flowing partitions, which could be moved to alter the ambiance of a space as and when required.


4. Pivoted / Revolving Door

A revolving door typically consists of three or four doors that hang on a central shaft and rotate around a vertical axis within a cylindrical enclosure. They are usually connected to the ground with pivots. Revolving doors are energy efficient as they prevent drafts (via acting as an airlock), thus controlling the heating or cooling required for the building. They could also be used as louvers to control temperatures during day & night.

5. Security Door

Door Security refers to a range of measures used to strengthen doors against door breaching, Ram-raiding, lock picking, and prevent crimes such as burglary & home invasions. Door security is used in commercial and government buildings, as well as in residential settings.

Here, an additional security door usually made up of steel framework is used for additional safety. With changing times, these doors have seen an alteration from grills to beautiful laser cut jali patterns.


6. French Door

A French door, is usually double shutter, made of light construction with glass panes extending for most of its length. They also can be referred to as French windowsThey are usually used for easy access of the exteriors in terms of ventilation, energy efficiency as they bring in sunlight to dark spaces, dramatic light & shadow features and simple design.

7. Rolling Shutter 

These may be operated manually or automated. With so many incidents of robbery, safety of your retail spaces, offices, showrooms, becomes an important criteria. Like the security doors for residences, these act as security doors to huge public spaces like malls, offices, complexes, etcThese are made of metal and are hard hence act as a shield and safeguard against theft or damage.

They are perfect for circumstances where side room is less and security is required. They need very less headroom above the structural opening. They combine strength with elegance along with toughness and are designed for both external and internal applications. They can be customized for huge lengths & heights.

8. Collapsible Door

The collapsible doors are used as main entrance doors of the residential building, shops, godowns, etc. It is a practical way of securing a point of entry. These entrance doors provide high security against burglars, vandals and other intruders. 

These doors can be opened or closed by slight pull or push. They are used where the width of the door is large and space is insufficient to provide two-leafed hinged shutters to open. They could be fabricated using thin mild steel sections or wooden louvers.

The collapsible door may be made of single or double shutters, depending on the size of the opening. It does not require hinges for opening or closing of shutters. It occupies less space. Further, offers visibility even when the door is closed.

9. Swing Door

These doors can be opened in either direction and is closed by a spring device when released. They are usually used for easy and constant access in & out of various public spaces. They are almost automatic as they do not require any effort to push or pull the doors. They can also be used in spaces for themed decor. 

10. Top Hung 

This design is ideal for basement car parks where there is restricted entry or exit space. The gates open vertically, offering a practical and effective security solution. Since they are top hung, a lot of unobstructed floor space can be saved. They are easier to maintain, & better to look.

11. Automatic Door

An automatic door is a door that opens automatically, usually on sensing the approach of a person. They are much easier to operate and prevents any accidents caused due manual opening. They can be monitored even while you are away from home using various applications, thus ensuring safety & security at the same time. This system is usually used for sliding doors.