Every space craves for attention and harmony at the same time. Details is what draws our attention to an object, knowingly or unknowingly. Like a painting is lifeless without intricacies, so is a space without details.

A home is a space which has multiple such elements! Each one craving for attention to over power the other. Blending all of them together into a single unit remains a challenge.

Here are 11 beautiful elements harmoniously blend into various spaces of a residence by A+T Associates, Vadodara.

1. Entrance – Gate & nameboard

A simple font sketched by the designer took shape on an elegant metal nameboard. While the beautifully carved wooden panel of the gate drags our attention, our eyes slowly capture the intricacies in the nameboard.

2. Foyer – Main door & handle

Main door, a perfect blend of function & aesthetics, security & transparency, technology & craftmanship, art & architecture.
Ditching all the traditional teak wood doors, and boring handles, the designer goes a step ahead to add some beautiful details on the door. A combination of jali pattern with dark veneer & embossing on the handle gives it an elegant look.

3. Formal Living & Dining – Partition

Often we find it difficult to seperate spaces without blocking them with solid walls.
Here’s one such example where the flow of spaces is achieved despite seperating them with a jali partition. The jali partition here, infact enhances the space visually, as light casts an interesting pattern after sunset.

4. Informal Living – Swing

A perfect example of fusion can be seen here. A wooden swing finds comfort in a metal backing without compromising on functionality or appearance.

5. Staircase – Railing & wall treatment

The staircase becomes the emphasis of the house. While it connects all floors structurally, it also acts as a visual treat to ones eyes.
An exposed brick wall extends throughout the staircase wall, with back-lit copper art installation of lotuses. The AC ducting pipes act as the stems of the flowers. The staircase has been designed with solid wood and Mild steel. What a beautiful way to use your service lines as artworks.

6. Family area – Lighting fixture

Bordered with 3d flower petals & hung using mildsteel rods, this beautiful lighting fixture is a perfect example of detailing the smallest elements in your spaces.

7. Bedroom – Headboard

The headboards are the ones you see as soon as you enter your bedroom. Here are two simple, yet beautiful examples of headboards.
On one end, the master bedroom is adorned with a metal headboard of laser cut pixel pattern. On the other end, beautiful laser cut copper motifs enhance the exposed concrete wall.

8. Bathroom – Mirror & lighting

Carefully chosen metal fabricated mirrors and backlit panels enhance the granite bathrooms thus creating interest in the most ignored spaces of a residence.

9. Balcony

One of those spaces which are least cared for or detailed are balconies. Careful designing has bought back life to this dead space of our homes as well with the use of jali patterns in the form of seating & niches. Where nature & humans are allowed to interact peacefully to celebrate their co-existence.

10. Furniture

Ever thought how simple detailing in furniture could make them so attractive? A beautiful example where small groove patterns become the emphasis of the furniture’s thus adding value to the space.

11. Artworks

An age old culture of adoring our walls with beautiful artworks has been followed. With changing time, the artworks have transformed. Here are two eye catching renditions of modern art that celebrate technological advancement & excellent craftmanship.

Detail is the key to any master piece. A+T associates prove it through these beautiful details incorporated in every element of the house. The designers not only give attention to details but also celebrate art, technology & craftsmanship through their designs.