When you think of the of the phrase ‘home decor’, the immediate attention might shift to getting aesthetics right. Usually, people relate to the term home decor with elements like beautiful wall paintings, classy furniture and other decor items.

The idea of including a unique TV set design might take a backseat due to limited space in the urban cities, you would relate to it in a better way if you are a youth living in a metro city.

However, to solve the dilemma, there are various designers out there who have some excellent TV unit design. Whether you have a limited space or a large space there is the appropriate design for you.

We have compiled a list of 10 unique TV unit designs, which enhances the aesthetics of the of the hall and eventually, will fetch you an appreciation from guests.

Pacini & Cappellini TV Stands

If you are someone who prefers the designs to be simple yet classy, then Pacini & Cappellini TV Stands embodies just that. There’s not much impetus put on detailing, it is kept simple and effective. In case you are wondering what is the link between the effective and this TV stand, then let us inform you that for adding components, you will not have to look for an extra stand. That is the importance of the term effective here. At the time where every unit is made of fiberglass, plastic or metal. Enjoy the benefits of the product made up wood.  


Porada Modern TV Stands

The refreshing look and design of Porada Modern TV Stands do not fail to impress. It has its own distinct design, which makes it stand apart among rest of the TV unit designs. The Porada Modern TV Stands are tall and free-standing, due to height, this can be your best bet in the halls. It has both inbuilt as well as floating shelves. Due to its freestanding nature, it can be placed anywhere. The walls of the hall are just another option. Thus, let your imagination give way to a masterpiece.


Multi-Functional Modern TV Unit Designs

If space issue curbs your instinctive imagination to incorporate the best TV unit designs in your hall. This is the perfect solutions for you. When it comes down to space issue you need Multi-Functional Modern TV Unit Designs. They can provide you with both the aesthetics and provide you with additional space in the same frame to install certain handy components of home decor. It is the precise example which shows you how to make the most of the small spaces and still be left with some space. In the cold winters, combining the flames with an excellent viewing experience can be just the ideal way to relax.

Minimal TV Stand Designs

These TV unit designs are one of those minimal post design which does not occupy much space, and does not compromising on the aesthetic front. They certainly do not have large storage shelves, but they are quite useful in placing smaller electronic equipment and other decorative items. Below is the image, which might give you a better idea of what we mean about being classy, space-saver and useful at the same time. 

Modern TV Unit Stands

One of the prime examples of Minimal Modern TV Unit Stands is the Swail swivel, it is a facelift or make-over of a multipurpose TV unit design. They are a bit distracting in nature. The reason being it is very easy to divert your attention from the images on the screen due to its designing. They are available with floating shelves where you can keep your favourite friends- ‘Books that you like’. This might act as your mini li

Unusual Modern TV Stand Designs

Most of the TV unit designs that we see around is more towards the conventional rectangular shape. However, the trend of normalcy is changing and we are observing different and unique designed TV units. Bloom TV Stand designed by Léon van Zanten is one such discourse from the usual TV unit designs.


7. Glossy TV Unit Design

The Glossy TV unit design is yet another form of unique representation of the conventional design, which automatically draws our attention, or shall we say distracts attention from the image on the screen. They reflection it creates on its glossy surface make the room all more beautiful and classy.

Iwaki Swivel 59″ TV Unit

“Twisted within the head”. Bid a word of farewell to strained eyes, annoying glares and awkward viewing angles. The Iwaki’s swivel feature permits the TV to be forced out or pushed in. A wire management system keeps the wires hidden. A combination of open and closed storage makes the area for media equipment. They are available in two finishes and made from particle wood.


Ferdinand Entertainment Unit Set 2

“Wooden works”. Sleek and minimalist, the units from the Ferdinand vary work along several design cues. The shelves and drawers open simply and area unit are designed to optimise space. The glass-front show units go along with the  in-built semiconductor diode lights, therefore design and curious get their due attention. The set offers many areas to contour your books, media and amusement media. Made from high grade designed wood with a laminate end and available in two variations.


10. Syracuse TV Unit

The two-tone Syracuse media unit is a straightforward, suitable and trendy design for modern homes. It works to cover and disguise wires, cables and media instrumentation. We tend to love the interaction of glass and rough panels. The combination of shelves and cupboards suggests that there’s an area for books, artwork, speakers, and more. Made from top-quality designed wood with a laminate end. All units have to be glued to the wall for higher stability.


To watch more unique and exciting Tv unit designs for your hall click on the link below- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o488ELSqodA