Ceilings are important because they protect the electrical and plumbing systems above it. However, we know that ceilings are more important than that. Ceilings play a key role in how we feel and interact with a building.

1. Urban planning on Office False ceiling

Laser cut ceiling of map of Dublin which is suspended in conference room of Quartz Building.

2. Hexagon borders in Waiting Lounge

Combination of hexagonal patterned skylight & railing that doubles up into precise borders for the waiting lounge in Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

3. Perforated False Ceiling

Multiple hexagonal panels join together to form a Perforated False ceiling in Flat Iron Building.

4. Parametric Wall Ceiling

Free flowing wall doubles up into a curved ceiling. An interesting play of light and shadow enhances the beauty of this reading space through its fenestrations in Queens College, Oxford.

5. Tree of Life

A combination of wood & veneer with laser cut technique forms the tree of life ceiling in this themed restaurant.

6. Geometric Skylight

A combination of geometric steel panel with glass on top primarily ensures protection and play of light in this reception lobby.

7. Tessellations on Pop & wood

Bronze lasercut triangular symbols form Tessellations that start from the ceiling and extend to the wall to reflect Chinese culture. This does not only present the traditional Chinese culture, but also create unique modernity in Rong Restaurant.

8. Abstract Panels in Bar

Back lit wall panels extend to become the ceiling of this courtyard bar to give in a soothing pleasure as you spend your time here.

9. Memories in Ceiling

“Moving Memories” in Phoenix is a large open-air concrete disc topped by a ring of stainless steel with 54 phrases laser cut into it.

10. Painting with shadows

Highlighting the beauty of Islamic architecture, the cube is made of black, lacquered wood. As shadows are cast on slanted portions of the ceiling, the pattern is stretched and warped, creating something entirely new in the process. As people move through the installation, their shadows interact with those from the cube.