Back in the day, we always imagined remote controls for our lights, fans, ovens and pretty much all those appliances which we operated in our homes not only because we were lazy but also because it fascinated us to live in a time of such technology.

Now Home Automation makes that imagination come true. Let us delve into home automation for better insight. Let us take you in to how it has now become a necessity and reason it out too. From saving time, energy and money to not missing a single scheduled chore, here are 10 serious reasons to start using Home Automation right now:

1. Makes Tasks  Convenient

There are tasks that need to be repeated regularly like switching on the water motors, switching the lights on and off and many such chores. Automation helps us achieve these without physically being there and this leads to peace of mind and letting us feel comfortable in remote settings.

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2. Saves Money on Utilities

As the appliances can be switched on and off without physical presence helps us cut down on utility bills by almost 10% to 25%.

3. Save Water

Installing automated and controlled sprinklers in the garden leads to a sustainable environmental option and solution, both at the same time.

4. Home Security

As installation and monitoring of security devices on smart phones has been mastered, a home owner can now customize the requirements and achieve peace of mind even if they are traveling or need to leave the house for longer period of time, as live viewing of the premises is now a reality, and an affordable one too.

5. Automated Locking Mechanism

One common misconception about smart home technology is that it is only for the younger and educated customers. Automated locking mechanism for your house doors suits home owners of all ages and backgrounds as this kind of locking mechanism has as basic a requirement as bio-metric authorization.

6. Increased Real Estate Value

Homes of the future may very well come with smart home features built-in considering the rate at which these technologies are being developed and integrated into our lives. This enhances the value of the real estate commodity by a considerable margin.

7. IOT (Internet of Things)

The interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects enabling them to send and receive data expands a person’s communication scope with not only other people but most of the electronic objects that he/she interacts with on a daily basis.

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8. Improved application functionality

Most appliances can be remotely controlled like the A/C, Washing machines, Water heaters from any part of the world via the internet.

9. Domestic Vigilance

In today’s times when more members of the home are professionally active and on the go, surveillance of other members of the family (kids and elderly alike) is now just a tap (on your smartphone) away.

10. Temperature Control

Temperature Sensor

Regulating the temperature of your rooms and halls no longer requires you to physically be present there or even wait. People are now setting the home environment to their liking even before they reach after a long day’s work.

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