Lack of space in cities has led to smaller homes but that shouldn’t prevent us from aspiring for best in our homes. In the little space available to people, they need to accommodate a dining space, a prayer room, fulfil the needs of a living room, adhere to privacy concerns and a lot more!

Luckily, room partitions can be used to solve all these issues. From keeping it simple and serene to creating a masterpiece dramatic emphasis in the room, partitions can be designed in many ways.

Here’s taking a look at some of the most charming and innovative ways in which you can use room partitions to solve your problems.

Partitions to Add Beauty

This stand-alone partition here has been constructed as a beauty element as well as a partition for the room. The tree-like structure is creating a pleasant atmosphere and giving a strong definition to the concept set and adding sophistication to your room.

Vertical Wooden Styling

This is an exemplary form of styling where slats of wood are placed vertically parallel to each other to add to the classy aura of a room. It filters light or the view across it in the most charming manner and is a widely common sighting in the most exquisite of homes and should be in your home as well. 

Luxurious Lattice Partition

These lattice screen partitions are high in fashion bringing out a very glamorous and luxurious feel to the space. The glare of light that it reflects through the screen beautifully lights up the whole room. You should definitely have one of these gorgeous screens at your home to uplift your ambience. This concept is also reminiscent of a regal presence that was quite common in palaces and castles in the ancient times.

Indoor Gardening Partition

Set against a furniture piece like a sofa set or a bed, sucha partition serves multiple purposes for small planters. It brings a naturalvibe to a room where you can indulge your inner gardener by planting your choicest plants in between the partition.

Sliding Partition Screens

This screen partition is designed to part the room as the main purpose and create a  definite division in the space. These versatile screens can slide through or kept stationary as per requirement of your room setup.

Block Pattern Partitions

This kind of partition  looks extremely classy and works out as a great divider for any space. It can be decorated in various styles with spotlights fixed on the empty blocks or show pieces placed. It adds a subtle and elegant touch to any room it is installed in.

Book Shelf Partition

One unique piece of partition beautifully designed to work as a book shelf and a fixed room divider. This wooden partition is a classy structure that is synonymous with knowledge and wisdom, and tells a lot about the people who live in a home where a book shelf like this is used. 

Large Open Shelf Partition

Large open shelves kind of structure works out as a great partition and also functions as a space provider for monuments and artefacts to decorate your room. This hollow partition creates an illusion of more space and light in the room.

Small Wall Dividers

This has been designed to create a subtle division but is not necessarily the only reason it is installed. It works as a multifunctional divider that can be used for storage, fittings and a general aesthetic value. It serves the purpose of a partition without completely being a divider in itself.

Drama With Wood

This kind of a partition is essentially used to create drama in a living space. It makes use of elaborate structures extracted from the nature such as a partition resembling a bark of a tree.

To watch some modern partition designs which are high on trend click on the link below.

Hope you Enjoyed all these Partition Types, there will be more coming soon 🙂 

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