10 Design Ideas to Celebrate Peace in Serenity for Pooja Rooms and Meditation Areas

1. Puja Cabinets

With increasing urbanisation and development, with each passing day, we experience shortage of space. Houses have turned into apartments, single storeyed building into multi storeyed buildings and so on. With changing times, our Pooja Rooms have also turned into pooja units. Yet, what stops us from detailing these small units? Delicate floral patterns can be added to our cabinet doors with laser cutting technology, to give it a harmonious, rhythmic and peaceful appearance.

2. Occasional prayer hall

Space crunch got us adapting to the olden times again- the multi-functional spaces.
Yet another example in the modern lifestyle, where our family area doubles up into a meditation zone or a prayer hall with changing hours of the day. A simple way to do up this space is to add some greens & hues from the nature. In this design we add the tree of life which is a steel laser cut artwork behind our majestic buddha idol and some indoor planters to reflect the outdoor feel in the interiors.

3. Puja room in the Greens

With diminishing garden spaces around us, we crave a little more of it in our dwellings. What better than having a pooja area or meditation space surrounded by garden, that connects you to the outdoor spaces with transparent glass fenestrations. Even your vaastu principles allow for the greens and gods together in the north east. A feeling of sitting in this serene space with an artistic work of the famous kerala mural painting and an irregular shaped stone ledge is unmatchable.

4. Artistic Pooja room

With changing times man was replaced by machinery but art was never lost.
A beautiful example where technology & art go hand in hand. White defines peace. This space cladded with white marble, transforms with beautiful light & shadow effect throughout the day. This effect is achieved by the use of beautiful floral lasercut pattern with acrylic base for backlighting on one side and natural lighting on other side. Further porosity of natural light into the home is achieved by the use of etched glass partition.

5. Lattice door in Pooja room

 The facade sets the tone of the building, and with respect to the spaces within- its the “Door”. Lattice work is a combination of simple lines, crisscross and ornamented framework. Where you have very little scope for decor, you could enhance your little spaces with traditional sloped wooden ceiling and lattice doors.

6. Open Puja room

 With Apartments becoming the approach to building today and getting various staggering spaces in our homes, here’s a perfect idea to use that up as your puja area.
A great combination of white 3d wall panelling and intricate copper laser cut panel adds up to become a simple open pooja area.

7. Marble panels in Pooja room

Working with a neutral colour palette, white marble can make small rooms appear more open. It can even be used to freshen up your home over spring and summer as it will add light to dark, confined spaces. This is a beautiful example of adding textures, shadows and patterns to the simple pooja area with white laserjet marble panelling.

8. Corner Puja area

Vaastu and space constraints have added an extra challenge on the designers for the location of puja area in homes. Above, is an apt example for such challenges, where vaastu principles and design aspects are harmoniously blend into the existing space. Here a simple laser cut panel added in an existing niche becomes the backdrop of the idol. It is further enhanced with a white polycoat ledge and wooden storage.

9. Partitions & Puja area

Your contractor gives a lavish big hall, but skips a Puja room. Yes, we all are dealing with shortage of space today. We do not want to compromise with a cabinet puja area in the kitchen. So, heres what you can do. Install a glass partition in your huge living area with central laser cut panels. This ensures that you do not lose the feel of a lavish living area and yet enjoy the serene peace of your puja area.

10. Extra room to Meditation room

 Planned on having a home theater, but had last moment changes? Never mind, use this space as a yoga room, meditation room or a prayer room. Where else can you find peace in your dwellings if not here. A perfect blend of a puja room & a meditation area. Aren’t you enjoying admiring this beautiful artwork? Isn’t it a visual treat? Not finding the artist to execute this? Never mind, don’t leave that wall plain, add this beautiful stone art work made using laserjet cutting technology.


Any good design is an outcome of a lot of detailing.
Here is a simple, yet beautiful detail that you could adore on your walls and niches.

Lotus, a symbol of divine beauty and purity, use in in your puja areas to bring in peace and harmony. Clad your walls with laser cut positive or negative images of lotus to give a sense of harmony and serenity.