Home appliances allow us to cook faster, automate various tasks such as washing clothes, making gravy or mopping the floor.

Which are the best brands to buy home appliances from?

We compared different home appliance brands based on these 6 parameters, to help you make sure you choose a brand which will give you the best value for your money.

  • Warranty
  • Availability
  • Service Coverage
  • Design
  • Value for Money
  • Features

10. Morphy Richards

This UK based company is known for their design and bold colors.

They specialize in food preparation appliances. Now Morphy Richards has been around since 1936, and they entered the Indian market in 2002 with a collaboration with Bajaj. Leveraging Bajaj, they’ve been able to establish a good presence and are growing at a consistent pace.

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total: 44/60

Now, there are a lot of other brands, however we felt these 10 stand out compared to the rest.

9. Orient

Orient is one of those brands which doesn’t spend as much as brands like Samsung, LG etc, however they have slowly build robust distribution and service channels. To a point where this Indian brand exports to over 35 countries!

What makes them unique is their approach to focus on design and create incredible experience centers – not what you typically expect from an Indian Brand.

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total: 44/60

Look to orient specifically for their Fans, they have some pretty interesting and innovative fans.

8. Haier

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total: 44/60

Not a lot of people know this about Haier, but they’re a Chinese Company.

Haier has delivered consistently good products and have pretty good reviews.

They’re still establishing their brand, and hope to penetrate markets, where they don’t lack, is the quality of the product. Don’t let China tag fool you, Haier has some of the best appliances.

7. Samsung

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total: 45/60

Another South Korean Juggernaut, Samsung is known for their Display technology, and Smartphone chip set. They are one of the largest smartphone seller in the world, but they also have a robust Home Appliance business.

Samsung, because of great distribution and sales channels has leveraged these lines to also sell appliances, and just like LG, they’re not an OEM for most of their appliances.

One thing which makes Samsung incredible powerful is their investment in smart home technology in collaboration with their smartphones. This can prove to be a game changer in the future, but right now, it’s at very nascent, early stages.

6. LG

This South Korean brand has great brand recall, and is one of the leading manufacturers of TV displays.
Here’s the problem, their TV and Display division LG is the OEM, for other home appliance they primarily go for the assembly route. Meaning they’ve invested significantly in sales and marketing rather than product development.

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total: 45/60

Their washing machines motors are made by Bosch or Panasonic at times, the compressors may be from Japan, essentially they assemble all these together and sell to you.

Don’t get me wrong, LG has pretty good distribution and service channels to a point where I would suggest you to go ahead and even recommend them in some areas where other brands are not available.


SIEMENS is also an old company in this space with various product categories. Now, here’s the thing, SIEMENS primarily focuses on premium customers.

They don’t have mixer grinders, or small appliances. SIEMENS has large multi door refrigerators. Large OTGs which are designed to not look like an “appliance”.

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total: 45/60

4. Philips

Philips has been around since the 18th Century. This Dutch MNC has its hands on the consumer appliance segment, medical segment, industrial segment and has delivered great products for a long, long time.

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total : 47/60

Philips has everything ranging from trimmers to washing machines. They have rice cookers, and even air purifiers!

What makes them unique is their focus on design – which is simple. They’ve invested a lot in figuring out best designs for their products, not in terms of looks, rather in terms of function.

One such innovation is their new One Blade Trimmer and Shaver where they’ve been able to merge trimmers and shaver into one seamless package.

3. Whirlpool

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue For MoneyFeatures

Total: 47/60

This US based company probably has some of the best advertising and marketing in the entire home appliance space.

They also have the best distribution – it’s very rare that you won’t find a Whirlpool dealer near your home.

Now, here’s the thing, Whirpool is not a OEM, meaning they buy a lot of their components from Bosch, Crompton and Greaves etc., so you many not get the best value for your money – when compared to other brands.

What they’ve done is focused on areas such as colors, design, and great brand recognition.

2. Panasonic

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue For MoneyFeatures

Total: 49/60

One of the oldest brands on this list, this Japanese Brand has been around for the last century!

Panasonic has production from TVs to appliances to even industrial equipment. They even make professional and consumer grade cameras.

Now you may be thinking, with so many different areas which they’re in, will the home appliances be any good? Well, panasonic delivers great quality of home appliances. In fact, appliances contributes over 30% of their 73 Billion Dollars Annual Revenue.

It’s one of the few brands which has a robust Home Security Portfolio, along with various other home appliances.

With incredible industry experience, great production expertise, and deep knowledge in consumer space, Panasonic is also a great brand to choose from.

1. Bosch

WarrantyAvailabilityService CoverageDesignValue for MoneyFeatures

Total Score: 50/60

This German powerhouse of a home appliance brand has been at it since 1967.

With over half a century of experience in making some of the best engineered products, motors, compressors, refrigerators – any mechanical and electrical idem you think of, Bosch will have its hands on it. And it will deliver incredible value.

Bosch home appliance division is so powerful that all other major brands in this space white label a lot of Bosch Dishwashers, washing machines etc.

Bosch not only has incredible home appliance portfolio but is an OEM for various other brands – just goes to show how far and above they’re ahead of the competition.

They have all products ranging from toasters, washing machines, juicers, blenders and even coffee makers.

Their warranty and service policies are very customer friendly, they have a vast network of installation partners across the globe. You will not go wrong when you buy any product from Bosch.

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